Mediator Assessment and Certification Program

Mediator Assessment and Certification Program
MCDR’s performance-based assessment process is one of the most valuable skills development opportunities available to mediators in the US and is recognized internationally by the International Mediation Institute (IMI).  Since 1996, MCDR has provided a performance-based assessment and certification program that is considered a national model in the ongoing dialogue on quality assurance and mediator credentials.  It is one of the few qualifying mediator assessment programs in the country that is recognized by the International Mediation Institute.

The Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution (MCDR) is pleased to announce the next Mediator Assessment and Certification Program:

Saturday, June 2, 2018

                  1160 Spa Road, Suite 1-B, Annapolis, MD  21403
Application Deadline is May 22, 2018

     The core of the assessment/certification process is a one hour videotaped mediation role-play during which the candidate mediates a case with two parties and is reviewed by two MCDR certified assessors.  Using a widely tested skills assessment instrument designed by Family Mediation Canada, the two assessors independently assess mediator candidates on three dimensions:  how they manage the process of mediation, how they manage the content of the mediation, and how they manage the relationships of the parties.  Candidates may choose from several different types of role-plays, including a divorce/custody case, a workplace dispute, a civil case, or a community dispute.

     All candidates receive oral feedback from role players and assessors as well as written assessments and a DVD of their one-hour mediation. Candidates who do not satisfy the criteria for certification are invited to participate in the process again within one year at no additional cost.

     Send your completed application, one-page self-statement and application fee ($325 for MCDR members; $395 for non-members) to: 
MCDR, c/o Kate Cullen, 1160 Spa Road,  Suite 1-B Annapolis, MD  21403

      Application Deadline is May 22, 2018

     Click the links below for the application materials:

MCDR Certification Application

MCDR Self-Statement for Certification 


     Mediators who are interested in discussing the assessment process are welcome to contact MCDR Certification Committee Chair, Kate Cullen at ; 301-606-4578.  More information can also be found at


     Participating as a role player is a great way to observe how the process works before becoming a candidate.
To volunteer as a role player or for more information, please contact, Ramona Buck at or 443-418-0392. 

The MCDR certification page has a good explanation of many common questions about the certification process.  You can find that information here.  Barbara Williams, Past Chair of the Certification Committee has written a reflection about why she decided to take the MCDR certification. 
You can find that here.

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