Mediator Confidential Case Discussion Conference Call

Mediator Confidential Case Discussion Conference Call
Mediator Confidential is an opportunity for mediators to anonymously discuss their mediation cases, pose questions, offer feedback to fellow mediators, or just listen and learn. And, attending Mediator Confidential provides one hour of MPME continuing education credit.

We have just a few participation guidelines: 

      1) When discussing mediation cases, you must censor the information to maintain confidentiality of the parties involved;  

      2) Callers do not have to identify themselves. (When the service prompts you to “enter your participant id,” you can just ignore it.); 

      3) Please press *6 to mute your phone when you are not speaking to avoid background noise and feedback, and press *6 again to
when you’re ready to chime in; and 

      4) Please do not place the call on “hold” at any time, as some lines offer hold music that disrupts conversation.

The call in number is+1 669 900 6833 
                  Meeting ID:   703-971-316

Please note attending Mediator Confidential will not qualify for continuing education for mediators under Title 17 of the Maryland Rules.*

If you can’t join us this month, remember that Mediator Confidential will be hosted on the third Tuesday of each month from January to June and September to November! 

*Title 17-104 of the Maryland Rules states specific content areas that qualify for continuing education of mediators. Although some Mediator Confidential discussions may cover one or more of these areas, because the discussion is participant driven from mediators' questions and case examples, we do not claim that any given call and resulting discussion will cover any specific content area, and thus the discussion may not be used to satisfy the continuing education requirement under Title 17-104. For questions regarding this policy, please contact Heather Fogg directly at, or on 410-260-3550. Thank you.
10/16/2018 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM